The Philips Hue + Wired DMX + Luminiar Wireless Kit will set you up to have control over both Hue lamps and wired DMX equipment. It will enable you to control all wired DMX lights from the ARRI Sky Panel to the Astera Titan Tube through Luminair, at the touch of a button.

The kit consists of three components that work together to enable wireless control:

  • iPad with Luminair app
  • Philips Hue lamps

Luminair App

The Luminiar app is the industry leading lighting control platform. It enables the gaffer advanced control over wireless lights, smart lamps and DMX equipment.

For RGBW enabled lights, custom colours can be selected through the colour wheel and with bi-colour lights, a slider allows for precise white balance control. Looks can easily be created, saved as scenes and built into custom sequences. A built-in library of over 500 fixtures, enables control of advanced LED lights straight out the box.

Philips Hue

The kit includes  Hue lamps that can be used in practical fixtures, to enable speedy control of practical fixtures on set. This kit includes E27/B22, E14 and GU10 lamps. The LED’s have been designed with high colour accuracy in mind with the ability to set specific colour temperatures. All the lamps have colour, white balance and intensity control seamlessly via the Luminair or Hue app.


The ENTTEC ODE can be used with wired DMX equipment, sending data to modern LED fixtures including the ARRI SkyPanel and Astera Titan Tubes. It can interface with tungsten lamps through the use of a dimmer rack and remotely trigger haze machines, perfect for saving time on busy sets.

Philips Hue White and Colour E27
  • Colours: red, green, blue, bi-colour (2000-6500k)
  • Total LED power: 9.5W
  • Maximum power draw: 10W
  • CRI: ≥80 (2000-4000k)
  • Luminous flux: >806 lm - 800 lm @ 4000K, 570 lm @ 3000K, 550 lm @ 6500K, 342 lm @ 2000K
  • Beam Angle: –160° ± 20°

  • LED lifetime: 25000 hours
  • Input voltage : 220V-240V AC, 50/60Hz

  • Wireless modules: 2.4 GHz Zigbee module
  • Range: 10m
  • Control via a device only (Luminair or Philips Hue app)

  • Housing: A19 E26, screw base fitting
  • Dimensions: L 107mm x Ø 62mm
  • Weight: 72g (1 lamp)

Philips Hue
  • 1 Hue Bridge 2.1 - 3241312018A
  • 4 Hue White and Colour E27 - 9290012573A (63B0FD, 034BBC, 180001, D770B9)
  • 2 Hue White and Colour E14 - 9290012013 (F489BE 7H8, 0ABF1C 7H9)
  • 2 Hue White and Colour GU10 - 9290002617 (15A65E, 3017CO 6J4)
  • 4 E27 to B22 adapters
  • 1 Ethernet cable, 1m
  • 1 Philips power supply, 5V 5w - S005BMM0500100

  • 1 ENTTEC ODE Mk2 - DMX Ethernet Gateway - 70405 - (0050C207D03A)
  • 1 ENTTEC power supply, 7.5V 1.6A - GFP121DA-075160B-1 (1705-0003701)
  • 1 Ethernet cable, 0.5m
  • 1 DMX cable, 0.5m

Wireless Router
  • 1 ASUS AC750 Dual Band Wireless Router - RT-AC51U (H7IUDV000117)
  • 1 ASUS power supply, 12V 1.0A - RD1201000-C55-1YG (121706110425500)
  • 1 Ethernet cable, 0.5m

Apple iPad
  • 1 Apple iPad - MPGT2B/A (F9GTDMAHHP9X) with Luminair 3 app installed
  • 1 Armourdog rugged iPad case with hand holder and strap
  • 1 Anker Powerline+II with lightning connector, 1.8m - A8452011 (22N3GA5Y)

  • 1 Peli 1510 case with TrekPak dividers, chassis integrated DMX output, USB 2.1a 5V power output and 16A PowerCON input
  • 1 Masterplug surge compact 4 socket extension lead - SRGD41MB
  • 1 16a to 16a PowerCON cable, 1m
  • Foam padding

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