The Aladdin All-In-1 is one of the brightest and advanced LED panels on the market. Featuring RGBW chips and Bluetooth for wireless control with the Aladdin app. A wired DMX adapter can be attached for integration with a controlled lighting setup with applications such as the Luminair app.

RGBW Control

The All-In- features RGBW LED chips to enable colour control over the All-In-1. You can use the Aladdin app to select filter gels from a catalogue or precisely dial in RGB, saturation and intensity values through the use of a colour wheel and faders. Work faster and more precisely on set with the All-In-1 and be prepared for all situations.

Compact Form Factor

The All-In-1 is the result of innovation and feedback from the community, building upon the well-known lightweight and flexible form factor that the lamp is popular for. Despite being lighter than previous generations, the lamp still manages to feature a built-in dimmer and hue selector on the rear of the panel.

  • Colours: bi-colour, red, green, blue
  • Total LED power: 70W (50W Bi-colour, 20W RGB)
  • TLCI: ≥96
  • CRI: ≥98
  • Beam Angle: 140˚

  • Input voltage : 12V-24V AC / 90-240V DC

  • DMX: Wired (with adaptor) - 2 channels bi-colour, 3 channels RGB colour
  • Bluetooth: Aladdin AllInApp, one touch operation and motion control
  • Backside control with dimming and intensity

  • Dimensions: L 1035mm x Ø 40-42mm
  • Weight: 1442g (LED panel)
  • 1 All-In 1 Colour - ALL-IN 1 PANEL and ALL-IN DIM (9020053B)
  • 1 X-Bend
  • 1 Ball head stand mount and 16mm stud - ALL-IN BHAD
  • 1 Diffuser - AMS-FL50BI DF
  • 1 Extension cable, 3m - ALL-IN BASIC3M
  • 1 AC/DC adapter - ALL-IN 1 ACAD - GM60-24275-F (A1810000742)
  • 1 D-tap adapter - ALL-IN DTAP
  • 1 13a IEC cable, 1.5m
  • 1 Panel bag
  • 1 Ballast bag
  • 1 Soft carrying case

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