Mark Stewart

Mark Stewart is a London based film lighting gaffer that specialises in commercial, branded and music content.

He is creative and passionate about sharing how innovative lighting can make a difference; experienced with the latest wireless lighting control including

electrical qualifications
, an
IPAF licence
and a UK driving licence; Mark is a valuable addition to any team.


Express your creativity with our industry-leading wireless and LED technology.

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Astera Titan Tube Wireless LED - 8 Tube Kit

The most advanced wireless tube light with ultra-high colour rendition, improved brightness and battery life.

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Ratpac AKS/Cintenna Wireless DMX + Luminair Wireless Kit

Wirelessly connect the Luminair app with wireless CRMX and DMX fixtures to program scenes and sequences for maximum efficiency.

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Philips Hue + Wired DMX + Luminair Wireless Kit

Wirelessly connect the Luminair app with wireless Philips Hue and wired DMX fixtures to program scenes and sequences with ease.


Learn how you can utilise wireless lighting on your next project.

What Do I Need To Use Wireless DMX?

Wireless DMX allows you to remotely control intelligent lighting fixtures from a device without the use of data cable or a stationary desk.

How Does Wireless Lighting Work?

The backbone of the industry-leading wireless lighting solution is CRMX, a system created to help maximise wireless performance without user intervention.

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